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Woman of light, a novel, Kali Fajardo-Anstine - hardcover

"1890: When Desiderya Lopez, The Sleepy Prophet, finds an abandoned infant on the banks of an arroyo, she recognizes something in his spirit and brings him home. Pidre will go on to become a famous showman in the Anglo West whose main act, Simodecea, is Pidre's fearless, sharpshooting wife, who wrangles bears as part of his show. 1935: Luz 'Little Light' Lopez and her brother Diego work the carnival circuit in downtown Denver. Luz, is a tea leaf reader, and Diego is a snake charmer. One day, a pale-faced woman in white fur asks Luz for a reading, calling her by a name that only her brother knows. Later that night at a party downtown, Luz sees Diego dancing with this pale-faced woman, which results in a brawl with the local white supremacist group. Diego leaves town for cover and Luz is left trying to get justice for her brother and family. Merging two multi-generational storylines in Colorado, this is a novel of family love, secrets, and survival. With Fajardo-Anstine's immense capacity to render characters and paint vivid life, set against the Sangre de Cristo mountains, 'Woman of light' is full of the weight, richness, and complexities of mixed blood and mica clay. It delights like an Old Western, and inspires the hope embedded in histories yet-told."--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Prologue: The sleepy prophet and the child from nowhere -- Part 1: Little light ; La divisoria ; The Greeks ; The trouble with men ; Night owl ; To the edges ; A getaway car -- Part 2: The inner self ; Women without men ; Heat ; We should all be as happy as kings ; I heard you need a girl ; La Llorona ; The body snatchers of Bakersfield, California ; The red streets ; Three sisters ; Words into words ; The love story of Eleanor Anne ; Justice cannot see, but can she hear? ; The dressmaker ; Invitation only ; A game of cards ; A new vision -- Part 3: The sharpshooter Simodecea Salazar-Smith ; A life of her own ; Shelter from the storm ; A day without work ; Where the world registers -- Part 4: Simodecea's final shot ; The split sisters ; An animal named Night ; To the wedding ; El mariachi ; Portal ; Woman of light ; Diego's return
Literary Form
First edition.
Physical Description
xxiv, 308 pages, 22 cm

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