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All the dark places, Terri Parlato - hardcover

Her friends probably could be forgiven for thinking that Molly Bradley is the heroine of a cozy mystery. She lives in lovely Graybridge, Massachusetts; she works in a bookstore; she's married to a psychologist everyone loves. Molly's dreams of happiness end the morning after Dr. Jay Bradley's 40th birthday party, when she awakens to find him dead on the floor of his home office, his throat cut. Det. Rita Myers, whose first-person narrative alternates with Molly's, naturally wants to talk to the friends who gathered for the party. But nothing said by any of them--Molly's BFF, Kim Pearson, and her husband, Josh; Jay's partner, Dr. Elise Westmore, and her husband, Scott; and Jay's hockey buddy, Cal Ferris, and his wife, Laken--can hold a candle to Molly's own history, which was known only to Jay. Abducted as a child along with a friend and neighbor, she was imprisoned in a basement and repeatedly molested, and she's suffered ever since from the dreadful knowledge that the other victim didn't survive. Now the news that Jay was contacting imprisoned felons for a possible book and the discovery in his filing cabinet of a necklace belonging to the missing Annalise Robb threatens to bring Molly's past crashing back into her carefully constructed present. And the phone calls she gets from someone claiming to know all about that basement and determined to return her to captivity force her sorrow at not having children, and even her grief about her husband, into supporting roles as she struggles to take charge of her own life
Literary Form
First edition.
Letter 'a' in 'dark' appears upside-down on title page
Physical Description
312 pages, 24 cm

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